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موقع مون سيت

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January 26, 2009 (Monday):
No visibility anywhere. No sighting reports expected. Following are all non-sighting reports:

Ahmad I. Adjie (MCW member) Bandung Indonesia reported: Not Seen
Ahmad I. Adjie MCW member, Bandung, Indonesia and team reports hilal was NOT SEEN, horizon was very cloudy in batu hiu beach, west java, some see-through patches were also laden with thin clouds. This has no effect for dates in Indonesia as yesterday was 29th Muharram and 30 days completed was already decided, so tomorrow 28 Jan 09 is 1st Safar 1430H

Mohammed Mohsin Khan (MCW member) Mumbai, India reported: Not Seen
Today Monday 26 January 2009 / 28 Moharram 1430 in India. Here in Mumbai Sunset was at 06:28 pm IST and Moonset was at 06:35 pm IST. so there was 7 mins difference, Sky was clear but Crescent has not been sighted in India.

Maulana Sultan Alam (MCW member) Karachi Pakistan reported: Not Seen
It was certain that moon would not be visible anywhere in Pakistan because lag was just 5 to 8 minutes and moon's age was hardly 5 hours. In spite of these facts, to increase the trust of common people in the Science of Moon-sighting, I requested many members of the moon-sighting committees of our institute "JAMIA-TUR-RASHEED" and many of my friends all over Pakistan to sight the moon but the moon could not be sighted, as it was certain tonight. About 116 Persons tried to sight the moon at these 20 Places: Karachi (8 Places), Islamabad, Multan, Shorkot Jhang, Faisalabad, Gwadar, Turbat, Tamb, Aasiabad, Dera-Ismaeel-Khan, Pishin, Charsaddah, Battal.

Muhammad Imran Paracha (MCW member) Qatar reported: Not Seen
I tried to sight the moon on January 26 right after sunset, and couldn't see anything. (The age of the moon was just over 6 hours, and as such, it was not possible to sight it, but since it was the 29th of Muharram here, I tried to sight it anyway). Some Gulf newspapers, like Gulf News (UAE) report today, i.e. Jan 27 as Safar 1, while others like Arab News (Saudi Arabia) show Muharram 30 on the web site.

Yusuf M. Lambat (MCW member) Blantyre, Malawi reported: Not Seen
In Malawi also there was no sighting and most parts of the country was cloudy.

Rashid Motala (MCW member) Durban S. Africa reported: Not Seen
There were no sighting reports for the Hilaal this evening [26/01/2009] in S. Africa.

Dr. Abdurrazak Ebrahim (MCW member) Cape Town S. Africa reported: Not Seen
No moon was seen this Monday evening [26/01/2009]. Muharrum will be extended to a 30 day month.

Dr. Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti (MCW member) Oxford UK reported: Not Seen
Negative sighting. The two of us attempted to perform the sighting tonight for the Safar crescent in Oxford on 29 Muharram, Monday 26 January, immediately after Maghrib prayers at the usual site. There were cirrus clouds on the local horizon and the new rescent could not be sighted. By 'Isha time there were no reports of any credible sighting east of our location; rather, we received news of negative sightings in Morocco, South Africa, and Indonesia. Therefore, we should be completing 30 days [istikmal] for Muharram, so that the first day of Safar should fall in the UK on Wednesday 28 January (beginning from Maghrib, 27 January).

Aziz Raje, Ilford, Essex UK reported: Not Seen
We had some clear patches in London soon after Maghrib, a few of us attempted the sighting but there was no sign of the Crescent. We have negative sighting reports from many other places in the UK. In Kent it was clear skies but again there was no positive reports. There are negative reports from South Africa and Morocco as well. Wifaqululama have therefore announced that we will comple 30 days of Muharram and the 1st of Safar 1430 in the United Kingdom will commence from Wednesday 28th January 2008 Insha Allah.

Mohamedraza H.Janmohamed (MCW member) Sanford Florida reported: Not Seen
There being NO Moon Sighting Reports and upon completion of 30 days of Mahe Muharram, the FIRST DAY of Mahe Safar 1430 AH is established as WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 28, 2009

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January 27, 2009 (Tuesday):

Dr. Shabbir Ahmed (MCW member) Imam of Rooty Hill Mosque Sydney Australia reported: Not Seen
There was a possibility of the sighting of the moon in different states but due to cloud the Hilaal of SAFAR 1430 was NOT sighted anywhere in Australia on Tuesday the 27th January, 2009. As a result the month of SAFAR 1430 AH commences here on Thursday 29th January 2009.

ABM Ruhul Hassan (MCW member) Dhaka Bangladesh reported: Not Seen
Today 27th January, Tuesday, the sky was foggy as well as cloudy. The moon was not seen anywhere in Bangladesh. From 29th January we will start counting 1st Safar.

Khalid Maniar (MCW member) Surat, India reported: Seen
In surat india moon was sighted on Tuesday evening. 1st of Safar will be Wednesday.

Iqbalhusen Bokda (MCW member) Gujrat, India reported: Seen
Moon for the month of Safar has easily been sighted here in Gujarat, India on Tuesday, 27th January.

Sultan Alam (MCW member) Karachi Pakistan reported: Seen
We easily sighted the moon all over Pakistan. Also announced officially. Tomorrow 28 January is 1st safar in Pakistan. Inshaallah I shall send detailed report tomorrow.

Abdulaziz Alsumait from Kuwait reported: Seen
After performing maghreb prayer on Tuesday Jan. 27, 2009, the imam sheikh Mu'ath Aldallal and his two sons ; Sa'ad and Sami and I had seen Hilal Safar with naked eye near Bayan Palace , Kuwait City, Kuwait. It was so sharp , thin and spectacular , the weather was clear. Hilal visibility lasted from 5:50 PM until 6:05 PM Kuwait local time then disappeared in the twilight zone.

Hussain Khushaish (MCW member) Kuwait reported: Seen
In Kuwait city on Tuesday 27 jan 2009 a group of 10 persons tried to see the crescent and the event went as follows sun disappeared at nearly 17:19,sunset at 17:23, first seen with 20*60 bino at 17:35 (thats 12 minutes after sunset), first seen with naked eyes at 17:44 (thats 21 minutes after sunset i.e. the sky became littel bit dark), last seen with naked eyes at 18:06 (22 minutes before moonset),last seen with bino at 18:08(thats 20 minutes before moon set), moonset at 18:28. The western horizon was clear exept last 2-3 degrees of haze.

Goolam Tegally (MCW member) Port Louis Mauritius reported: Seen
Hilal was sighted this evening Tuesday 27 January here in Mauritius. 1st Safar will be Wednesday 28 January

Ahmad Abu Zaid (MCW member) Amman Jordan reported: Seen
Easily Visible By Naked Eye.
Moon Age: +31H 16M Sunset: 17:11 LT Moonset: 18:20 LT Moon Lag Time: +01H 09M
So the first day of the month of Safar is 1-28-2009 Allah willing.

Muhammad Shafiur Rahman Chowdury from Stockholm, Sweden reported: Not Seen
As Sweden is situated in the northern part of the world and its location is more than 60 degree north (Generally the Moon is only visible from 60 degree north to 60 degree south), so it is not generally possible to sight the Hilal or the Crescent moon of any Arabic month. Even the moon is not generally visible in the 1st few days of the month in Sweden. But this month was exception. There was a little possibility today (Tuesday, January 27, 2009) to see the Crescent Moon for starting the Arabic month of Safar 1430 Hizri from the Southern part of Sweden which was known from different reliable International Moon Sighting websites and committees.
So, ANJUMANE AL BAIYINAAT, SWEDEN took proper steps for sighting the Crescent Moon for starting the Arabic month of Safar 1430 Hizri. But the Crescent Moon was not sighted by bare eyes today (Tuesday, January 27, 2009) anywhere in Sweden because of foggy as well as cloudy sky whole the day.
So, the ANJUMANE AL BAIYINAAT, SWEDEN have Announced “Inshallah the month of Safar 1430 Hizri will be started from Thursday, January 29, 2009 in Sweden.

Michael A. Simmonds Jr. (MCW member) St. Thomas, Virgin Islands reported: Seen
On January 27, the New Moon was seen here in St. Thomas Virgin Islands at approximately 6:25 p.m. The position of the thin crescent was about 2:30 in the sky. Sunset was 6:11 p.m. Skies were clear, but the horizion partly cloudy. This was observed by myself, Isabella Nelson and Hermiah Solomon.

Mohamed Lotfy (MCW member) Aurora Coloradoreported: Seen
Alhamdou Lil'LAAH the Safar 1430 moon was sighted easily with the naked eye in Aurora Colorado, USA.

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