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صورة لهلال شهر شوال 1432 التقطت بألمانيا 12:30ظهرا يوم الاثنين29/8/2011

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صورة هلال شهر شوال 1432 التقطت بألمانيا الساعة 12:30 ظهرا يوم الاثنين 29/8/2011 بواسطة تقنية خاصة وكاميرا خاصة علما بان الفقهاء لا يعتبرون هذه التقنية من مصاديق الرؤية بالعين المسلحة




1. Seen: ICOP member Eng. Martin Elsaesser from Munich City in Bavaria State mentioned that the sky was clear, the atmospheric condition was clear, the crescent was not sought by naked eye, the crescent was not sought by binocular, the crescent was not sought by telescope, the crescent was seen by CCD Imaging

Eng. Martin Elsaesser said: "The young crescent could easily be imaged this morning around 10:30 (UT+2) (in daytime), at an elongation of 6.6°, using the established CCD system. Sky conditions were OK, but Cirrus-clouds and contrails were distracting. No chance to observe it here after sunset, as the moon sets 18 minutes before sunset. Even tomorrow the lag-time will be only 10 minutes."






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