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موقع مون سيت

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November 10, 2007 (Saturday):

Dr. Shabbir Ahmed (MCW member), Imam of Rooty Hill Mosque, Sydney reported: Not Seen
The moon of DHUL QA‘DAH 1428 has not been sighted on Saturday 10th November 2007 anywhere in Australia. Therefore the moon-sighting committee of Australia and Majlis ul Ulamaa of Australia have declared that the month of DHUL QA‘DAH 1428 will start from Monday, 12th November 2007.

Eng. Rami Labib (MCW member) from Cairo, Egypt reported: Not Seen
The Waxing Crescent was NOT seen in Cairo on Sat. 10th Nov 2007 - 29th Shawal 1428. Weather was partially cloudy in Cairo. I went to a location about 45 KM away from populated Cairo. I used My Digital Compass to locate the exact location of the Moon & my 20X optical Zoom Sony Camera (I did not used digital Zoom). I recorded the the scene (20 Deg Left & right of the possible location), But simply nothing.

Rashid Motala (MCW member) from Durban, S. Africa reported: Not Seen
The Hilaal for Zul-Qa'dah was not sighted in SA this evening. The Cape was reasonably clear, but nevertheless, no sighting.

Abdurrazak Ebrahim (MCW member) from Cape Town, S. Africa reported: Not Seen
The crescent was not sighted from anywhere in Southern Africa on this Saturday evening, 10 October 2007 (end of the 29th day of Shawwaal). Therefore, Shawwaal is extended to a 30 day month. The first day of Dhul Qada will correspond to Monday,12 October 2007. From my sighting station at the Green Point lighthouse Jupiter and Antares were clearly visible. Very good atmospheric conditions on the western horizon. Could not see the crescent using 10x50 field 5.70 binoculars.

Abdul Bariu Kareem (MCW member) from Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria reported: Not Seen
I went out today 10th of November 30minutes before Magrib time i.e 6pm our local time here in Ikeja area part of Lagos Nigeria to observe moon crescent for the month of Dhul-Qi`dah but I did not see it after searching for almost 30 minutes looking west direction where sunset. I will check again tomorrow Insha-Allah

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أحب أن أضيف لخبر فاليري نقلا عن موقع moonsighting.com أن أعضاءها في أريزونا وفلوريدا باميركا لم يتمكـّنوا من رؤية الهلال مساء أمس السبت 10. 11 . 2007

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