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النتائج الرؤية في مختلف البلدان : يوم الاثنين 10/12/2007

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Monday 10 December 2007:

Indonesia: Cloudy: ICOP member, Mr. Mutoha MMC said: "Today is the 2nd day crescent observation. From Bela-belu Hill near Yogyakarta, with groups from Lajnah Falakiyah Nahdlatul Ulama Organization about 20 persons we have observed the crescent for determining the first day of Zulhijjah 1428 AH. According the astronomical calculation at our location, sunset 17:48 LT ; moonset 18:23 LT ; moon alt 6,5° and moon-sun elong 8,2°. The western sky was cloudy cause the crescent was not sighted. Visit http://rukyatulhilal.org/visibilitas/1428/...jjah.html"

India: Not Seen: ICOP member Mr. Mohammad Amin said: "ON MONDAY 10 DEC. 2007 the Sky was clear but relatively altitude of Moon was below 5 degree at the time of Sunset. No one could see the Crescent since it was not visible in our sky. Moon set was at 6:34 and Sunset was at 6:05. As per HM Nautical Almanac Office it was below denjon limit and negative possibility."


Not Seen: ICOP member Mr. Muhammad Sultan Alam said: "Central govermental moonsighting committe of Pakistan has announced that Shawwal moon has not been seen in pakistan on 10-12-2007. Members of presonal moon sighting committees of our institute "JAMIATUR RASHEED, AHSANABAD, KARACHI, PAKISTAN'' have told me on mobile phone that they also have not seen moon. sky was cloudy and rainy in most areas of Pakistan. 12-12-2007 is the 1st Zilhajjah in Pakistan and 21-12-2007 is Eid day in Pakistan."

Not Seen: ICOP member Mr. Tahir Gul Hasan said: "It was cloudy. It rained in the early morning as well as in late afternoon, hence, the crescent was not visible."


Not Seen: ICOP member Mr. Alireza Mehrani mentioned that he was NOT able to see the crescent by binoculars, and it was hazy.

Not Seen: ICOP member Mr. Mohammad Zahed Aram mentioned that he was NOT able to see the crescent by naked eye, and it was partly cloudy.

Oman: Not Seen: Mr. Mohammed Al Bussaidi said: "We had two Meade telescopes a 14 and 10 inch, the western horizon was hazy, and we could not see the crescent moon here in Muscat."

Nigeria: Not Seen: ICOP member Mr. Muhammed Ya'sin Qamardeen said: "As at the moment the official day in Nigeria was not confirm. I spoke with Prof Gwandu, the Chairman of Sultanate Council on Moon committee just about one and half hour before sunset here in Nigeria and he told me over phone that he was unable to confirm the first day, as he is away on journey for some day now."

South Africa: Seen: ICOP member Dr. Abdurrazak Ebrahim said: "The Hilaal was sighted from four different towns (Klerksdorp, Ligtenberg, Malopolani, and Springs) in the northern Gauteng Province of South Africa this Monday evening (10 December 2007 – end of 29 Dhul Hijjah 1428 AH). Cape Town was blanketed by cloud cover. The topocentric illumination of 0.88% of this sighting is a South African record. Insha’Allah, the first day of Dhul Hijjah 1428 AH will correspond to Tuesday, 11 December 2007."

UK: Cloudy: ICOP member Mr. Sulayman Gani said: "15 of us attempted sighting with the naked eye 20 minutes after the maghrib Salaat." Mr. Gani added that he was not able to see the crescent.

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ياأخي الكريم المرجو الكتابة باللغة العربية لأن اللغة العربية هي الأفضل وهي لغة القران الكريمأخوك في الله بدر المناسب من المغرب

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